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Why Japan

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Children will love the bright lights and myriad of noises emanating from streets of the major cities. There are superb theme parks to explore - from Universal Studios to Studio Ghibli, home of Miyazaki’s magical anime creations - as well as the aquariums and monkey parks. Cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty are everywhere, alongside the robots, outlandish teenage fashions and all manner of food from all-you-can-eat ice-cream parlours to fishing restaurants where you can reel in your own meal.

Away from the cities, samurai castles, boat rides, bike tours and cable cars will enchant the entire family. Traditional Japanese culture also provides fun and educational experiences: taiko drumming, pottery and paper-making or dressing-up in a kimono are just a few of the hands-on activities we can include in your own family adventure.

Japanese people love children, and will no doubt find any small reason to interact with you and your family, providing an added enriching cultural experience.

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