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Be Inspired


Our top things to do and see:

Here are a few things to inspire the kids (and the adults of course as well!). We have included quite a few of these on our sample itineraries but the beauty of booking with InsideJapan Tours is that our packages are 100% tailor-made every time. If you want it included just ask and we will add it.

For more inspiration have a look at our Experiences Channel. Here you will find all manner of amazing things to do and see in Japan. Whether you fancy joining the friendly local fans at a baseball game, attending one of the spectacular summer festivals, trying your hand at scuba diving in Okinawa or perhaps cruising the skies of Tokyo in a helicopter, we can make it happen for you and your family.

Top things to inspire the kids
Fascinating at every turn, kids will be enthralled by the sights, sounds and smells of Japan. Young kids have a special place in Japanese society and are universally adored and spoilt; this safe and modern country offers a very warm welcome indeed. Simple details such as a ride on the super-fast Shinkansen will be sure to delight, whilst to really give those young ones a work out, ask us to include a Taiko drums lesson. Of course all these options are great fun for adults too!
Tokyo Disneyland Studio Ghibli Museum

Disneyland & Disney Sea 

Studio Ghibli Museum

Osaka Aquarium Taiko Lessons

Osaka ‘Ring of Fire’ Aquarium

Taiko Drums experience

Riding the bullet train

For the teenagers

Manga and anime culture, Japanese gizmos and fashions, high performance cars, hi-tech robots, the beauty of the Geisha - teenage kids are already pretty familiar with Japan. Seeing these things first hand adds a guaranteed wow factor. Our highlights are exploring the trendy Harajuku area of Tokyo and enjoying some thrills and spills at Fuji-Q Highlands.

Harajuku Cosplay Sega Joypolis Geisha Dressup

Cosplay kids in Harajuku 

Sega Joypolis theme park

FujiQ Highland Pottery in Kyoto

Roller-coasters at Fuji-Q Highland

Arts & crafts in Kyoto

Dressing up as a Geisha or Samurai

For the whole family
Your visit to Japan is above all a family experience and a chance to experience a new country and culture together. Book a cookery or pottery class to really get hands on, visit the sumo for some unique sporting excitement or enjoy a local festival where you cannot but help to get caught up in the fun, excitement and smiling faces. A trip of a lifetime for the parents, perhaps the start of a new cultural understanding for the younger family members.
Onsen Sumo Tournaments Cooking Classes

Hot spring baths

Sumo tournaments

Local Festivals

Local festivals

Giant department stores

Cookery classes

Dinner time!
Japan is not all sushi and sashimi, though you will of course find the best in the world here. Tempura, okonomiyaki pancakes, soba noodles and wagyu steak are just some of the other Japanese treats you can look forward to. And, for those hankering after a more Western offering, there are numerous Italian restaurants throughout the country as well as plenty of fast-food (home grown and from the US) and some of the best gelato this side of Florence.
Sushi Tempura

Soft Cream



Freshness Burger Okonomiyaki Pancakes

Mos Burger & Freshness burger

Japanese Pancakes

Ice cream and then some!!


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