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Your dream wedding in Japan

Have you ever dreamed of tying the knot dressed in a beautiful kimono in the surroundings of a Shinto shrine, exchanging your vows over a cup of Japanese sake? If so, then we can help make your dream come true.

We can arrange a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony at a shrine in Kyoto with rickshaw transport providing extra photo opportunities. Professional Japanese hair styling and make-up for the bride and kimono hire is also included. A geisha party reception followed by a drinks party can be arranged as desired.

Kyoto and Tokyo are the main destinations for this but if you have your heart set on another location then please let us know and we will research it for you. Below are a flavour of two of the options we can offer in Kyoto

Prices from 4,845

Kyoto Wedding Ceremony Three Day Package

Organised in conjunction with the Granvia Hotel, our three day package offers you the chance to have a full wedding experience as well as staying in the hotel's luxurious and spacious Junior Suite room. Upon arrival at the hotel you'll have a kimono fitting and wedding consultation to make sure your special day is exactly as you have dreamed it will be. The second day is the wedding day, so you'll be assisted with the kimono and have hair and make up done. Again, this is for men as well as women. After all, there is nothing like that samurai look! Then you'll be taken to Kamigamo Shine for the wedding ceremony and photos.  Afterwards you'll change clothes and then go for an included wedding dinner at a traditional Japanese restaurant. The third day is free for you to relax in the hotel suite or head out and explore Kyoto.  We can arrange some additional services for this day if you would like. Perhaps a private guide to show you around Kyoto or an evening tour of the geisha district followed by drinks with a maiko.

Do bear in mind that this is a luxury wedding experience, which is why it is quite costly. Japanese weddings are expensive even for Japanese people. A large proportion of the cost goes to the shrine and paying for the kimono hire; you'll be wearing an almost priceless traditional garment.

If you would like to learn more about Japanese weddings in general, please read IJT staff member Tomoko's account of her own wedding in 2009.

Important Information

One thing to keep in mind is that we can not offer a legally binding wedding service in Japan. In actual fact, no wedding at a shrine in Japan is legally binding and all couples have to at some point make the trip to city hall to complete the formalities. However, don't let this put you off! A ceremony at a Shinto shrine is a wonderful experience and a beautiful way to exchange your vows Japanese style.

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