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In this channel you will find some fantastic Japan holiday ideas for creating your perfect trip. Ancient mountain top temples; beautiful shrines and gardens; dramatic volcanic landscapes; national parks of outstanding natural beauty; wild bears and monkeys; massive neon-lit cities buzzing with energy; bubbling hot spring baths; soaring mountain peaks; and of course, fantastic food. Japan has it all!

Holidays in Japan have something for everyone, whatever their interests. Working closely with you, we will help make your dream Japan holiday become a reality. We can cater for almost any budget, from backpack to the heights of five-star luxury and for a wide range of special interests. Our services cover the whole country so if itís the wilds of the North, or perhaps the tropical paradise of the Okinawan islands that most appeal to you, no problem

A Myriad of Experiences Await You

Whatever your budget and whatever your interests we'll help you plan a fantastic custom trip to Japan. Click on 'View All Experiences and Holiday Ideas' to view some of the many different experiences and activites that we can incoporate into your fully tailored trip. We have divided them into different categories to make them easy to explore.

Honeymoons in Japan

Looking for honeymoon ideas? Look no further! Japan has everything to make the perfect honeymoon so why not have a read of our special Japan honeymoon pages to find out more about how we can assist you with this very special trip of a life time!

NEW! Diving in Japan

Japan offers some of the best diving anywhere in the world including the unique Yonaguni ruins. Visit our new min-channel for information about diving in Japan and our new dive services - for a true 'beneath the surface' experience! Get in touch and we'll create the perfect custom Japan diving trip for you.

Accommodation in Japan

Japan offers a wide range of accommodation. Read all about on the different types of accommodation in Japan on our accommodation pages:


From the 10th - April to the 31st of December 2014, Matsuyama is hosting a major art festival in honour of the 120th anniversary of Dogo Onsen, the oldest bathhouse in Japan. Artwork can be found in the main building of the spring bath house, as well as dotted all around Matsuyama.
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Dogo Onsen Art Festival 2014


Located on the Island of Shikoku, Matsuyama is home to the oldest bath house in Japan - Dogo Onsen. This celebrated spring bath house, which was the inspiration behind the main building in award-winning film Spirited Away, is just about to celebrate its 120th anniversary.

From the 10th April to the 31st December, Dogo Onsen's main building will be transformed into an art piece by well-known artists for visitors to enjoy day or night. In addition to this, the whole of Matsuyama will host a major arts festival, with a wealth of artwork dotted around the 

streets and the stories of Dogo Onsen projected as silhouettes on the city walls. 11 hotels in the Dogo area are also participating, their rooms are to be transformed to the theme 'the deepest dream' by acclaimed artists such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Fujiwo Ishimoto, Yayoi 

Kusama, Shuntaro Tanigawa and Akira Minagawa. Each artist will be in charge of a different room, enabling guests to sleep within a unique work of art!

The festival will be a great way to enjoy this historic castle city and hot spring bath house.


Dogo Onsenart will be held from the 10th April - 31st December 2014.


This major art festival is held in honour of the 120th anniversary of Dogo Onsen. Artwork can be found in the main building of the spring bath house, and throughout the city of Matsuyama.


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