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Diving in Japan

Diving in Japan

Japan has some of the worlds best scuba diving and snorkelling with an abundance of beautiful coral reef, stunning marine life and an underwater ancient ‘lost city’

What's it all about?

Japan is not particularly known for its diving but has dive sites to rival some of the most famous in the world. A thousand miles south from the Tokyo Metropolis lies the sub-tropical Okinawan islands with white sand beaches, crystal clear tropical waters and hugely diverse marine life comparable to the Great Barrier Reef. The islands have a vast array of dive sites from beautiful soft coral beds, pinnacles and walls, huge drop-offs and ship wrecks. However, each island has something very different to offer.

Why Japan

Japan is different in just about everyway and does things in its own unique way…usually better than other most other places in the world. This already mysterious country offers plenty more underwater intrigue with some of the best diving in the world.

Unique Sites

Diving Yonaguni Ruins Diving with Manta in Ishigaki Tropical fish in Kerama Islands

Diving the Yonaguni Ruins

Diving with Manta, Ishigaki

Tropical fish in Kerama Islands

Yonaguni island and the ‘Iseki’ underwater ‘lost city’ is one of the dive world’s best kept secrets with this submerged colossus potentially being older than the Egyptian Pyramids and only visible from several metres under the sea. Diving through the giant corridors of the Yonaguni stones has got be up there with the diving wonders of the world.

The coral colonies off Ishigaki Island are some of the biggest and most varied in the world next to that of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Okinawan islands offer some of the clearest subtropical waters in the world with visibility usually at 30 metres plus.

The marine world’s big hitters are on show side-by-side with the macro wonders of the dive world. Almost guaranteed sightings of the majestic Manta in Ishigaki, Hammerhead in Yonaguni and the Izu Peninsula and Dolphin in Ogasawara along with nudibranch, shrimp and delicate coral life in the Kerama Islands. This country has everything you need as a diver.

Unique Culture

The diving adventure doesn’t finish in the water in Japan. On mainland Japan and in the subtropics, the culture is evident everywhere.

The Japanese are hugely welcoming to their foreign guests and the hospitality is first class staying in your hotel, family run guest house, beach cottage or traditional Ryokan guest house. Diving off the Izu Peninsula will also give you some of the best traditional hot spring baths (onsen) in Japan - the perfect way to relax. Staying in the subtopics, the twang of the Sanshin (Okinawan guitar) and traditional song will be heard just about everywhere.

The food is first class in Japan and although able to admire the fish in the sea, they also know how to eat fish! You will no doubt encounter first class sushi and sashimi along with a whole host of delicious dishes.

The islands of Ogasawara and the Yaeyama Islands offer a natural untouched side of Japan with jungle, rare flora and fauna and the opportunity to explore by hiking and kayaking.


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