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Great value hotels in the best locations

Everywhere you go in Japan there are hotels. In the city centres; clustered around main line stations; on the city outskirts by the expressway junctions. The sheer weight of numbers travelling in Japan has led to a massive hotel industry and the very large majority of these are known as business hotels.

Generally simple and reasonably priced these establishments are continuously springing up to cater for the huge number of salary men who criss cross the country every day for meetings with clients and business associates. Functunality is the key here; business hotels rarely have any additional facilities such as an in-house bar or restaurant or room service although a simple coffee shop serving snacks and breakfast is not unusual. They are simply clean and comfortable places to sleep and it is this that makes them ideal for holidaymakers on a budget. You'll always have an attached 'unit' style bathroom, air conditioning, a TV (often with satellite channels and nearly always with adult movies) and direct dial phones. Increasingly business hotels are also providing internet facilties either as LAN in the rooms or with terminals available in the lobby.

To make up for the lack of restaurants and a bar food and drink is always available from vending machines located on several floors of the hotel. A pot noodle washed down with a beer seems to be standard fare for a busines man after a hard day of meetings! Soap, shampoo, a hair dryer and towels are also normally provided meaning there is no need to worry about carrying your own toiletries.

Business hotels are the ideal option for the traveller who doesn't wish to spend the majority of their budget on expensive tourist hotels.

Left - Sunroute Hotel, Asakusa; Right -  Double Room, Matsumoto Richmond Hotel