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IJT in the Press 2010 and 2011

InsideJapan in the Press - 2010 and 2011

We are delighted to feature so regularly in the British press. Below you will find links to some of the articles that have appeared over the past year or so that feature InsideJapan Tours.

Please note that The Times website now has a paywall. As a result, if you do not have an account with them, then you will not be able to read the article.

Splendid Isolation - Tom Robbins
Financial Times, November 25th, 2011
The FT's travel editor and ski expert, Tom Robbins, travelled to Hokkaido to discover that rumours about the snow in Hokkaido was true and that in fact skiing in Japan was even better than the rumours had suggested!

Is post Fukushima safe for tourists ? - Lucy Birmingham
Time Magazine, November 10th, 2011
The world famous TIme magazine looks at the effects of Fukushima and the tsunami on the tourism of Japan. The article answers many questions that many ordinary travellers had after the events at Fukushima and answers them in a very positive, but factual manor. The outcome of the piece is that, Japan is safe and that now is the best time to visit....we could have told you that!

Where in the world can you slope off to? - Patrick Thorne
Independent, November 6th, 2011
The Independent's ski expert looks at THE places to go skiing this season. Quite rightly, he notes Japan in his list and makes the interesting inclusion of Myoko in Niigata as opposed to some of the more famous resorts with a comment from us at IJT.

A Yen to return - Rachel Dixon
The Guardian, October 7th, 2011
This article lists InsideJapan Tours as an operator to the award winning destination. Japan won the 'Best international destination' award with Tokyo scooping 'Best international city' at the Guardian travel readers awards. It was great seeing Japan receive deserved recognition for the country and culture as a travelling destination, especially in the same year as the great Tohoku tsunami.

Ten reasons to travel in October - Nick Trend
Telegraph, September 24th, 2011
This image story illustrates Japan's beauty in the autumn months. The autumn leaves cover Japan in reds and golds from late October until early December, depending on where you are in the country.

Fall for Autumn's Foliage - Chris Leadbetter
Independent, August 31st, 2011

The Independent takes a look at where in the world to see the most stunning autumn leaves. Quite rightly, Japan is included. Chris quotes IJT's 'Essential Honshu' tour which heads deep into the moutains to kamikochi national park for some of the most fiery red leaves you will see.

Japan earthquake - Back to Japan - Adrian Bridge
Telegraph, August 26th 2011
Once again, Adrian Bridge writes for the Telegraph about Japan. This time, Adrian returns to the country six months after the tsunami and writes about his experiences in Tokyo and the Tohoku region as he ventures north to take part in some of the biggest festivals in Japan. Adrian quotes IJT's 'A Northern Soul' tour which travels across the Tohoku region.

Japan welcomes volunteers - and visitors - Sophy Roberts
FT How To Spend IT, August 17th 2011
'How To Spend It' is the FT's smart looking travel magazine. This article looks at Japan post tsunami with its volunteer options, but also notes that travelling Japan is like it was a number of years ago with less foreigners visiting the place, but the experiences as rich as ever. Of course, most places that people tend to visit in Japan were completely unaffected by the disaster in the northern Tohoku region.

Temple of Earthly Delights - Mure Dickie
Financial Times, June 17th June 2011
This article in the FT focused on the newly appointed World Heritage temple of Chusonji in the small Tohoku town of Hiraizumi. The town is in the region that was severly affected by the tsunami in March 2011 and the UNESCO appointment was very good news for the area. The journalist visited the town and temples and discovered the wonders of this rural gem. InsideJapan Tours have been visiting Hiraizumi on the 'A Northern Soul' tour for many years now and are pleased that the historic town has received recognition.

Japan: Welcome to Planet Tokyo- Adrian Bridge
Telegraph, February 22nd 2011
The Telegraph's travel editor visited Japan's capital city and took on the superb, but initially slightly confusing public transport system. The article is a really good journey across Tokyo linking it all to the trains and subways of the city. A really good read.

Snow, steam and sushi - Gemma Bowes
The Guardian, February 5th 2011
Gemma Bowes is the travel editor of the Guardian travel and is the resident ski expert. She travelled to Hokkaido in the far north of Japan and sampled the famous powder snow that hits the island by the bucket. Gemma also mentions the out door hot spring baths, the food, drink and people that make Japan the amazing ski destination that it is.

Ask the experts - Mark Hodson
Times, February 5th 2011
Mark Hodson looks at the travel experts and who you should go to if you want a special holiday. For Japan, he mentions InsideJapan Tours....He knows his stuff!

My first ski holiday - Deborah Ross
Times, January 22nd 2011
This article is an amiusing look at a first ski trip. Right at the end of piece, Lisa Grainger refers to the 'exoctic ski destination' and names InsideJapan's 'Winter Sports and Culture' self guided package which visits the slopes of Niseko, the snow monkey in Yudanaka, the cultural capital of Kyoto and the Metropolis of Tokyo.

The hottest new trips for 2011 - Tom Robins
Financial Times, January 7th 2011

Tom used this piece to look at some of the more exciting luxury travel options that were new for 2011 and picked InsideJapan's, ''Tokyo and Kyoto Inland Sea Cruise'  for the list.

Ten great winter getaways
Telegraph, December 11th 2010

This photo is taken in Yudanaka deep in the Japanese Alps. The Telegraph were looking to showcase this Japanese winter image featuring Japanese Macaque, otherwise known as 'snow monkey'. This piece looks at the Japan Unmasked small group tour which heads up into Nagano.

20 Honeymoons for every budget - Jane Anderson
Times Online, November 2010

On the back of Prince William and Kate Middleton's announcement that they were to marry, Jane Anderson looks at different honeymoons for different budgets. Jane focuses on Japan as the 'Blow the budget' honeymoon, but looks at upscale ryokan and private hot spring baths. Of course, a honeymoon in Japan doesn't need to blow the budget, but it will always be very special.

Family Holiday Ideas - Caroline Hendrie
Times, 6th November 2010
Caroline Hendrie looked at alternative family holidays for those who are looking to fill a gap during the school break. The suggested Easter holiday was a trip to Japan during the cherry blossom incorporating the highlight sights of Japan with cultural fun for the kids.

Travel clinic : The snow monkeys - Richard Green
Sunday Times, 31st October 2010

The Sunday Times' Richard Green is on call at the travel clinic and mentions InsideJapan Tours with regards to a readers querie about seeing the snow monkey in Japan. Have a look at our Winter Highlights tour for full details.

Travel Award Winners 2010
The Guardian, 16th October 2010
The Guardian lists the Travel Award Winners for 2010 with the 'Best Small Tour Operator' going to none other than InsideJapan Tours. 99.6% voted InsideJapan as an 'excellent' satisfaction rating.

Big in Japan: why Tokyo is top - Pico Iyer
The Guardian, 16th October 2010
Pico Iyer takes a look at Tokyo as the focus of Guardian Travel after it won the 'Best International City' Award 2010. This is a really nice piece which  tries to sum Tokyo up in relatively few words which is really hard to do. There is also a good little 'Quirky Tokyo' guide put together by Gemma Bowes.

Traveller's Guide: Japan's great outdoors - Danielle Demetriou
The Independent, 9th October 2010
Danielle Demetriou knows her stuff when it comes to Japan. In this article she looks at the alternative side of Japan such as mountain climbing, surfing, hiking, cycling and more....

'Places for leaf peeping: Four of the best' - Francesca Syz
Telegraph, 2nd October 2010
The Telegraph takes a look and some of the best autumn leaf viewing in the world and quite rightly flags up Japan. This article references the Hakone region, but there are some absolutely stunning places to view the leaves all over Japan with some very rural locations providing some of the best.

'Guide to climbing Mt Fuji' - Adrian Bridge
Telegraph, 14th September 2010
Adrain Bridge travelled to Japan with his family in August 2010 and with several aims, but the main focus of this trip was to climb Mt. Fuji.  He climbed Mt. Fuji during the busiest climbing time of the year and unfortunately didn't make it for sunrise but writes an interesting piece on his climbing experience. Adrian stayed in the Hakone National Park area in the foothills of Mt. Fuji. 

'Hakata, Japan's Capital of Ramen' - Leo Lewis
Times, 3rd September 2010
Leo Lewis' article heads down to the riverside in the Kyushu city of Fukuoka for some ramen. The printed version of this article in the Times references InsideJapan Tours and our 'Tokaido North and South' package which incorporates Fukuoka. The riverside in the  Hakata area of the city is lined with 'Yatai' stands which are basically portable resurants selling cheap and delicious food. Oishii yo!

'Just say ommm...And relax' - Paul Croughton
Sunday Times, 4th July 2010
This article looks at various options with regards to cleansing the mind and meditation.  Paul Croughton references the 'Hidden Japan' Tour which heads up to the top of sacred Mt. Koya and stays at a shukubo temple lodging for a night. Travellers are able to take part in the morning and evening services at the Shingon Buddhist temple - A very Japanese experience indeed. There are also other Buddhist meditation experiences to be had such as the Zazen meditation classes held in Rinzai sect temples across Kyoto and other areas of Japan.

'Getting a real taste of Japan' - Brian Schofield
Sunday Times, 30th May 2010
A very good article appearing in the Sunday Times focussing on budget Japan. The journalist writes about the fact that Japan does not have to be expensive like many people think and that it is actually quite cheap and good value. Brian also looks at our '7 Night Price Cruncher' self guided package. This is a very good read.

 'Five Great Coalition Adventures'
Wanderlust, May 2010

 This article appears in the UK's leading travel magazine on the back of the historical British general election producing the first coalition government in years. The article refers to the 'Northern Soul' tour looking at the bright lights of Tokyo and contrasting it with the quiet hot spring town of Naruko Onsen and the temple stay in Haguro san all visited on the tour.

'Travel By Numbers: Japan' - Sophie Lam
Independent, 27th March 2010
This article leads with an image of cherry blossom and states vvarious facts and figures about Japan. the piece also mentions the 'Hokkdaio fly-drive' Self Guided Adventure.

'Japan's Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail' - Barbara Noe
The Telegraph, 18th March 2010
Barbara Noe looks at the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route deep in the mountains of the Kii Peninsula. The Kumano Kodo is a hike that heads through forests and mountain and stays in temple lodgings along the way. This is a spiritual experience in a beautiful area of Japan.

'The 50 most relaxing great escapes'
The Times, 13th March 2010
The Times looks at the 'Spiritual Japan' at number 25 on the top 50 'relaxing' escapes. The piece looks at our 'Northern Soul' tour which is not everyones idea of relaxing but it does take in the rural region of Tohoku. Northern Soul does allow you to stay in some tradtional ryokan guest houses, experience hot spring baths and eat some amazing food for a very real Japanese tradtional adventure.

'Value for money travel awards' 
Sunday Times/Sunday Times Travel Magazine, 17th March 2010

InsideJapan have always provided the best service and great value when it comes to travelling to Japan and this was recognised in the Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Value for money awards this year. InsideJapan were honoured to receive the 'Best Value Tour Operator' award and that is quite an accolade coming from the Times.


'See the worlds most spectacular sights'
Conde Nast Traveller Magazine - February Issue
Conde Nast looks at some of 'the world's most spectacular sights' focussing on views from high places. The article refers to the Self Guided 'Mt Fuji, Kyoto and the Japanese Alps' package.
The package takes in some of Japan's most famous sights and includes the stunning Kamikochi National Park.

'See Japan - without breaking the bank' - Susie Rushton
Sunday Independent, 17th January 2010
Susie Rushton travelled to Japan and extended our '7 day Price Cruncher' to a two week trip through the Alps staying at a mix of western style hotels and traditional Japanese guest houses.
This trip gets off the beaten path using Japan's first class transport system and Susie soon realised that Japan is not as expensive as most people might think.

'Around the world in 14 ways' - Marianne Halavage
The Herald, 11th January 2010

InsideJapan often find their way into regional press and this article appeared in the Scottish Herald. The article looks at various events that are happening throughout the world in 2010 and, like the Times, looks at the Grand Sumo in Tokyo during September.


Inside Japan Tours - Independent British Travel Awards 2011 - Best Tour Operator To East and Central Asia
The Guardian, The Observer - Travel Awards 2010 Winner - Best tour operator (small)
Inside Japan Tours - Silver at the British Travel Awards 2009